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penthy is an audiophile tool to check whether a flac file contains truly lossless music, as it is supposed to, or comes from a lossy source, like an mp3 file.

The flac file format compresses music in a way that it remains unaltered, in contrast to lossy compression formats (like mp3) that sacrifice sound quality to limit file size. Confirming that your flac discography is truly lossless is an open-ended problem. One approach to tell the difference is machine learning. Although, penthy cannot evaluate every aspect of digital audio to guarantee that your file is exactly what came out of the studio, she tries to identify transcoding from mp3 sources. A song that passes penthy's challenge is not necessarily genuine, but it is unlikely to be an mp3 wearing a flac trenchcoat.

Achilleas Papastamatiou developed penthy as his undergraduate thesis at the Department Of Computer Science And Telecommunications at the University of Thessaly in Greece. The project was supervised by professor Vaggelis Spyrou.

Training a neural network to classify compression quality for so many different genres is difficult... The audio features of a music file do a better job at characterizing the song than its compression. Spectrograms do not immediately reveal the integrity of a track. But even if you find the perfect structure and configuration for a neural network, you need a lot of certainly-lossless music to train it. If you speak python and have a basic understanding of neural networks, feel free to play with the code. You can either improve the network’s configuration or, if you have a decent collection of lossless audio, train the existent structure in hopes of a more accurate result.